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Dr. Who- Gallifrey
I haven't used this journal in about ten million years. I may post this and nothing ever again. But well I have it and really hate Tumblr (oh look I will repost these things that I did not make so people think I'm especially cool), Twitter (my life can be summed up in two sentences), and Facebook probably isn't the place to put random rantings of ...me.

So last time I was even using Livejournal, my son was in hospital. After 10 stays in ICU on ventilators and a year in hospital, he has been home and well for a year and a half. He's still on oxygen though that will come off eventually (within the next 4 or 5 months most likely) and still fed through a tube placed through the wall of his stomach (gastrostomy) though that is also temporary (placed in because when you're on a ventilator, you can't eat and babies who don't practice eating forget how to and have to relearn). He will attend normal nursury school in September this year. Soo....yaaay!

I don't really have a current fandom anymore. Fans have ruined most fandom for me (Doctor Who, especially :( ) though I have spent the last several years (when we weren't in hospital) playing World of Warcraft and now Final Fantasy XIV. I roleplay in them. Roleplay is something I've been enjoying for about ten years now, and as far as online games go, I flock to ones that have a good RP community.

So what else? Not much. When you've got a sick kiddo, it takes up your life. When the kiddo gets better, you really don't want to do anything drastic to rock the boat so we've just been chillin' doing boring (read: wonderful) family things for the last year and a half. So, for old time's sake, I think I'll do the Friday Five because apparently, that community is still kickin'.

1. Do you snack?
I snack more than I eat normal meals. This is a bad things, kids. Don't do it.

2. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?
Salty most of the times. Occasionally I'll go for sweets but I'm much more likely to grab a bag of crisps.

3. What one snack can you not resist?
My willpower regarding snack food is non-existent. I can resist nothing.

4. What one snack do you refuse to try?
I'll try any food once.

5. Do you tend to snack more by yourself or when you are with friends?
Why not both?! But probably by myself.

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Screw you! My Tumblr is EPIC. Thank You very much! :P <3

Is there a reason why you've deactivated your facebook?

no, other than I didn't wanna deal with it anymore. I didn't use it often. I plan on making a new one then. Instead of trying to filter through friends I don't really want on there anymore. I'm just lazy and use Tumblr far more often since most of my friends are on there.

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