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The Friday Five
Hitch Hiker's Guide-Life Marvin
The Friday Five done for the first time in ages because I've been in hospital with my son for five months :(....still in hospital but now I have a dongle so I don't go completely mad. Only a little mad.

1.Do you believe in luck, fate or a higher being?

After staying in hospital and seeing innocent babies and children with life-threatening conditions (my son being one of them) no, I don't believe in a higher being. At least not a benevolent one. You cannot suggest to me a reason why a newborn baby should be born with some of the problems I've seen if there is a loving higher being. It's not fair. And no amount of, "You're being tested." is going to cut it. If there was a higher being that gives innocent children terrible conditions to test their parents then I want nothing to do with that cruel, unloving higher power. And in the end, it'll be science, knowledge and a human being that will fix my son. That's what I believe in.

Luck? Only in that I have terrible luck.

2. Are you in control of your own destiny or someone else pulling the strings of your life?
I'm in control of my own destiny. Because if someone else is pulling the strings I'm gonna kick that someone else's butt.

3. What are your lucky charms if you own any?
I don't have any because I don't really believe in luck. But I do have things that make me feel better having in a sort of comforting way. The number 5 and multiples of it. Always feel better when Tristan's in bed 5 or a multiple of 5 (not that it's been any good for him, really). I feel better with my mexican blanket with me. Things like that.

4. Is the world really just a stage and are we merely actors on that stage?
I don' t know, maybe. I'm not sure what that implies anyway. That life is fleeting and that in the end it doesn't matter? I dunno that I believe that.

5. Describe what happened on your "luckiest" day (positive or negative).
I don't know. I don't have lucky days. I have "Pacheco Luck". Anyone in my family knows what that's like.

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:c I hope Tristan gets well soon~

You say you don't believe in luck,but you have bad luck. so.... you believe in luck, it's just bad, right?

I'll share my good karma for Tristan to get stronger every day!


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