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The Friday Five
Dr. Who- Gallifrey
This is from the 24th of January. I'll add todays if it gets posted.

1. Is there someone on your friends list that you haven't met in real life that you love completely?
Um, I don't think so.

2. Have you [wanted to] date someone on LJ?
Well my husband I think is on my LJ so..yeah. I know, cop out.

3. Have you met someone/wanted to meet someone from LJ? Who?4. Who have you known the longest from your flist?
warinbabylon. She was the reason I joined LJ in the first place.

5. Who are you closest to?
My husband since he's on LJ.

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Dr. Who- Gallifrey
I haven't used this journal in about ten million years. I may post this and nothing ever again. But well I have it and really hate Tumblr (oh look I will repost these things that I did not make so people think I'm especially cool), Twitter (my life can be summed up in two sentences), and Facebook probably isn't the place to put random rantings of ...me.

So last time I was even using Livejournal, my son was in hospital. After 10 stays in ICU on ventilators and a year in hospital, he has been home and well for a year and a half. He's still on oxygen though that will come off eventually (within the next 4 or 5 months most likely) and still fed through a tube placed through the wall of his stomach (gastrostomy) though that is also temporary (placed in because when you're on a ventilator, you can't eat and babies who don't practice eating forget how to and have to relearn). He will attend normal nursury school in September this year. Soo....yaaay!

I don't really have a current fandom anymore. Fans have ruined most fandom for me (Doctor Who, especially :( ) though I have spent the last several years (when we weren't in hospital) playing World of Warcraft and now Final Fantasy XIV. I roleplay in them. Roleplay is something I've been enjoying for about ten years now, and as far as online games go, I flock to ones that have a good RP community.

So what else? Not much. When you've got a sick kiddo, it takes up your life. When the kiddo gets better, you really don't want to do anything drastic to rock the boat so we've just been chillin' doing boring (read: wonderful) family things for the last year and a half. So, for old time's sake, I think I'll do the Friday Five because apparently, that community is still kickin'.

1. Do you snack?
I snack more than I eat normal meals. This is a bad things, kids. Don't do it.

2. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?
Salty most of the times. Occasionally I'll go for sweets but I'm much more likely to grab a bag of crisps.

3. What one snack can you not resist?
My willpower regarding snack food is non-existent. I can resist nothing.

4. What one snack do you refuse to try?
I'll try any food once.

5. Do you tend to snack more by yourself or when you are with friends?
Why not both?! But probably by myself.

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Dr. Who- Gallifrey
I'm only doing this cause I'm home finally after being in hospital with Tristan for 3 months and it's early and I've nothing better to do.

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The Friday Five
Hitch Hiker's Guide-Life Marvin
The Friday Five done for the first time in ages because I've been in hospital with my son for five months :(....still in hospital but now I have a dongle so I don't go completely mad. Only a little mad.

1.Do you believe in luck, fate or a higher being?

After staying in hospital and seeing innocent babies and children with life-threatening conditions (my son being one of them) no, I don't believe in a higher being. At least not a benevolent one. You cannot suggest to me a reason why a newborn baby should be born with some of the problems I've seen if there is a loving higher being. It's not fair. And no amount of, "You're being tested." is going to cut it. If there was a higher being that gives innocent children terrible conditions to test their parents then I want nothing to do with that cruel, unloving higher power. And in the end, it'll be science, knowledge and a human being that will fix my son. That's what I believe in.

Luck? Only in that I have terrible luck.

2. Are you in control of your own destiny or someone else pulling the strings of your life?
I'm in control of my own destiny. Because if someone else is pulling the strings I'm gonna kick that someone else's butt.

3. What are your lucky charms if you own any?
I don't have any because I don't really believe in luck. But I do have things that make me feel better having in a sort of comforting way. The number 5 and multiples of it. Always feel better when Tristan's in bed 5 or a multiple of 5 (not that it's been any good for him, really). I feel better with my mexican blanket with me. Things like that.

4. Is the world really just a stage and are we merely actors on that stage?
I don' t know, maybe. I'm not sure what that implies anyway. That life is fleeting and that in the end it doesn't matter? I dunno that I believe that.

5. Describe what happened on your "luckiest" day (positive or negative).
I don't know. I don't have lucky days. I have "Pacheco Luck". Anyone in my family knows what that's like.

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Hitch Hiker's Guide-Life Marvin
After just over two months in hospital, Tristan was finally discharged yesterday.

Basically he was found to have been born with a dislocated neck so it's quite a serious condition, or...rather it has the potential to be serious. It's not causing him any problems now and we had taken him to the hospital for what they think was some sort of chest virus. They did a scan of his chest to see if there was anything on it (incidentally, it was shadowy, meaning there was probably some wet patches in his lungs which made it hard for him to breathe and subsequently made it difficult for him to eat) and accidentally found that two of the vertebrae in his neck were dislocated. The consultant in charge of Tristan said that while it must be very upsetting to see the scans of Tristan's neck (it damn well was!) that academically, it's fascinating to him since he shows no symptoms of a neck injury and he reckons that Tristan's neck must have actually GROWN this way from about two weeks after conception. He will have to go back for surgery, unfortunately, but the consultant won't operate till he's sure he's strong enough and won't even think about it before Tristan's 6 months anyway. He's actually been going to different neurosurgery conferences around the world (he's in India this week and Milan, next week) and taking cds and pictures and laptops with Tristan's scans on it to show others to see if they've seen the condition before and if so, how they treated it. He's got a good idea what he wants to do as far as surgery goes, but it's always nice to have a second opinion, I guess.

Aside from that, Tristan is still needing oxygen (that virus they think was actually him aspirating when he sicked up-he has reflux which doesn't help with the sicking-up) because while the shadowy bits on his lungs went away (and he stopped needing oxygen while they were away) they've come back again. He's gaining weight really well now but still small for his age but the paediatrician reckons he was just born small and will be smaller for a while till he catches up and that as long as he's gaining weight, it's not really anything to worry about. He's in a brace for his neck but luckily, doesn't seem to mind wearing it.

In all we spent two months and nine days in hospital. First at Preston Royal, then to Alder Hey to repair a completely unrelated to anything hernia, then back to Preston, then back to Alder Hey again. Alder Hey was an amazing hospital (it's a specialist children's hospital and one of the best in Europe)-all (well, most) of the staff were brilliant, the neurosurgeons looking after him were great and all the staff, even cleaners and housekeepers were friendly and would stop and have a chat with you or make silly faces at Tristan to make him smile. I've told them I want all his care to be Alder Hey from now on because it's so great.

So anyway, we're home, but not completely out of the storm yet. We'll be back to Alder Hey probably weekly or bi-weekly for check-ups till he has his surgery and it's not been decided when that'll be.

The Friday Five
Dr. Who- Gallifrey
The Friday Five is all about school!

1. Bully, teacher's pet, geek, shy kid in the corner, or something else?
Music geek! Band, orchestra, and chorus nerd. And I loved it!

2. What did/do you usually eat during lunch time at school?
For like...years in highschool I had a bag of chips/crisps, a can of Fresca, and a cheese and mustard sandwich on a kaiser roll. I would take my crisps and put them on my sandwich then eat it. Also, I took a bag of fruit-filled mini shreaded wheat which would be eaten in the morning after band.

3. What did/do you normally wear to school? Thinking back to what you wore(if you've already graduated), do you like it?
Oh god, the late 90s. Grunge. I wore it with pride. And no, no I don't like it, now though I do still own a few articles. Also, I wore Converse then. I do still like them.

4. Any sports/activities/clubs you participate(d) in?
Sport. Is marching band a sport? HA. I was in music things. Band, orchestra, glee club, jazz band, symponette, choristers were the main ones. I was also in drama club and forensics but I didn't really do anything in them. I was in Latin club for a year.

5. Any worthwhile friends you (would) still keep up with after graduation?
I talk to quite a few of my friends from highschool on Facebook, but I moved to a different country so it's hard to meet up with them.

The Friday Five
Dr. Who- Gallifrey
The Friday Five

1. What did you have for breakfast today?
Um, custard cremes. Wow, that's terrible. I should go back to eating properly.

2. What chore do you hate the most?
Washing the dishes and vacuuming.

3. Do you have a lucky piece? If yes, give details.

4. Describe one of the best laughs you have ever had.
I have good laughs all the time. It's hard to pinpoint just one. I suppose recently, with Tristan, we're always laughing. He makes the best faces.

5. What song always manages to cheer you up?
Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds by the beatles.

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Dr. Who-Tardis
OMG. Just like everyone I was very sad when I heard that Elisabeth Sladen had died but today whilst perusing the internet I nearly bawled when I came across this:

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The Friday Five
Dr. Who- Ace
The Friday Five

1. What is your most irrational fear or dislike
I don't like atonal whistling in closed spaces. I really hate being late for things. These aren't fears though, more dislikes. I have a fairly irrational fear of centipedes and insanity.

2. Describe your last (or only) encounter with the police.
Probably being pushed up against one in a train. They might have been transport police though. The train was busy and we were in the space at the door.

3. What's the biggest secret about yourself that you've ever revealed, accidentally or on purpose?
Um, I dunno that I've revealed any big secret. I guess when I was pregnant I kept it a secret for nearly 3 months (12 weeks was when we started telling people).

4. When is the last time you were really, really angry? Did you do anything drastic because you were so angry?
I'm not sure. I don't really do drastic things when I'm angry. At all. I'm non-confrontational for the most part. I just sit there seething trying to blow people up with my MIND!

5. If you could raise someone from the dead, who would it be, why, and do you think he or she would be happy to be alive again?
OMG ZOMBIES! Hmmm, I'm not sure anyone should be raised from the dead. It would be a bad idea. I know! I'll go with fictional people. Ianto Jones or possibly Spike Speigel or Simba's Dad! Yeah, something lame like that.

The Friday Five (on time for a change!)
Dr. Who- Gallifrey
1. What phobia do you have?
I hate centipedes. Not sure what the name of that is.

2.How did your phobia come about?/Or how do you think it came about?
I was in the bath and a centipede came out of the overflow...thingy. It scared the hell out of me.

3.If you could replace your phobia with any other, which one would it be?
Um...a fear of eating unhealthily maybe? I dunno. I'm not sure I want any phobia.

4. What phobia would you wish on your worst enemy?Why.
The fear of ME! BWA HA HA HA!

5.What phobia do you not wish on you worst enemy?Why.
I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I don't really have a 'worst enemy'. I guess agoraphobia must be very limiting in what you can do with your life so that would suck.


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